Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 nominees and winner

Boyan Slat – The Ocean Clean-Up (Netherlands)
Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat combines technology and entrepreneurship to tackle global issues of sustainability. After diving in Greece in 2011 and coming across more plastic bags than fish, he wondered: why can’t we clean this up? He then devised a system with an array of floating barriers catching and concentrating the debris to enable a platform to efficiently extract the plastic afterwards. In 2013, he dropped out of his aerospace engineering studies to found The Ocean Cleanup. In 2014, the concept turned out to be a technically feasible and financially viable method to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years' time. Raising $2.2 million through crowdfunding, the organization was able to enter the pilot phase of the project.


David Kristensson – Northern Offshore Services (Sweden)
CEO and co-owner of Northern Offshore Services, David Kristensson has developed a business concept for the transportation of crew and light equipment in high-speed catamarans to and from offshore wind industry. Established in 2008, the company currently employs over 150 people and operates a total of 19 multipurpose, high-speed catamarans. NOS has offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark.


Morten Christophersen, Magnus Eikens, David Knutsen, Stian Magnusson, Miriam Wennberg – Connect LNG (Norway)
The founders of Connect LNG believe that clean energy should be cheap and accessible. They make this possible by commercializing simple solutions to enable LNG terminals. Their technology solves the bottleneck in the LNG value chain – the large costs associated with building an efficient infrastructure for LNG worldwide. Through an innovative yet simple loading and discharge system for transferring LNG/LEG/LPG between ships and onshore terminals, this is being made possible.


Thomas Aunvik and Kenneth Thunheim – Envirex (Norway)
Thomas Aunvik and Kenneth Thunheim founded Envirex based on their extensive experience in the fields of hydraulics, machining and mechanical engineering. Envirex offers highly skilled workers and competence to guarantee state-of-the-art solutions for the engineering, manufacture, design and service of hydraulic tools and systems. The group specializes in hydraulics, engineering, electronics, programming and mechanical or electrical assembly and testing. Envirex boasts a large product portfolio of rental products through subsidiary Envirent.