Time to board the DiversityShip!

Stay alert for the Leading Female Power Players of Shipping 2017! Who are the most powerful and influential women in global shipping today?

Nor-Shipping was inspired by the dialogue between WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association), the IMO and Norwegian business magazine Kapital, and decided to share and raise this question with our industry towards next year’s event in Oslo.

Strengthening the  image of shipping world-wide and raising the attractiveness of this industry among the brightest brains of tomorrow calls for a new caliber of role models and increased diversity. Nor-Shipping aims to support the industry through the transformative shift we are in, as a catalyst for change in discovering new market and technology opportunities together. Diversity is about more than just gender, and we have already promoted the next generation for years through our cooperation with YoungShip International. But we also see that we are lagging behind other industries when it comes to attracting 50% of the world’s best brains.
When we launched our Waves of Change conference in cooperation with WISTA last year, it was based on an acknowledgement of the need to explore new and more diverse leadership for the future in a world that’s changing rapidly; a core fundament for challenging ourselves from within and staying both competitive and innovative.
Further strengthening our clear target to be a strong driving force for championing diversity and leadership for the future, we are proud to introduce our brand new initiative towards Nor-Shipping 2017 and will spend the coming year inviting relevant partners and  stakeholders to team up with us and share ideas with our industry.
Our initiative is aimed at promoting our industry’s most successful and dynamic female power players, and to inspire our industry to further develop the financial and operational opportunities by attracting and utilizing the best brains world-wide in the quest for future prosperity and growth. It also aims to motivate aspiring leaders.
We applaud the great initiatives already taken by key industry networking arenas such as SMM and CMA on this field, and hereby celebrate the International Womens’ Day by challenging all our partners and other key arenas to join this wave of change – and explore how you can take an active step towards creating the future!
Happy International Women’s Day everyone!
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