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Stand fee (without furnishing) per sq. m. stand, excl. VAT.

  • 12-99 sq. m. shell scheme stand, halls B, T C, E and part of D: NOK 3 775
  • >100 sq. m. stand (floor space only), halls B, T, C, E and part of D: NOK 3 675
  • 12-99 sq. m. shell scheme stand, part of D: NOK 3 000
  • Hall A, turnkey (Includes desk, light, and carpet) NOK 3775 per sq.m
  • Hall A, ENTREPRENEUR PAVILION, Turnkey (Includes ca 10 sqm stand with desk, light and carpet) NOK 25 000 per startup
Registration fee per exhibiting exhibitor: NOK 7 500
National pavilions will be charged NOK 25 000 independent of number of exhibitors.

Building an additional floor (above standard height of 2,5 meters) will be levied an extra stand rental of NOK 1 500 per sq. m. floor.

VAT will be charged as per Norwegian rules and regulations, currently 25%.

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